Throughout his career, Kalevi Kiviniemi has actively made recordings of organ music. His CDs have sold over a quarter of a million copies worldwide. Kiviniemi's recordings have appeared on many record labels, including: Warner Finlandia, Warner Japan, Fuga, Mils, F Records, ForCD, CetCD, Motette-Ursina, Griola, Vox Coelestis, Art-Inn, HYCD, Fine, Tonus Art, Ondine, Alba Records, Sinifonia, JJCD, and LOF.

Kalevi Kiviniemi has received many awards for his recordings:
  • Gold Record (Finland) with Karita Mattila (1993)
  • Gold Record (Finland) with Matti Salminen (2000)
  • Platinum Record (Finland) with Karita Mattila (2003)
  • Janne Prize for the best classical solo recording in Finland 2000-2001 (Visions)
  • YLE Radio Ostrobothnia Award for the best recording of the year 1989 (The Biggest in Finland - Lapua Cathedral)
  • Star Recording Prize of The Organ 1999 (Improvisation)
  • Canonnade (OrganEra 8) was selected among the 100 best CDs of Finland in 2005 by Helsingin Sanomat

In 2003 Kalevi Kiviniemi started a cycle of organ recordings together with the Finnish record label Fuga: OrganEra.

The OrganEra cycle will consist of 20 CD recordings played on interesting organs from different corners of the globe. OrganEra will present instruments ranging from the oldest working organ in the world, through the bamboo organ in the Philippines, a theatre organ, on to the contemporary concert hall organ in Melbourne, Australia. The idea behind this series is to present the enormous tonal richness of the organ through instruments of different eras, different cultures, and different styles. The Organ Era series is planned for completion in 2008.

By 12/2005, nine OrganEra recordings have been released.
A list of the OrganEra CDs can be found here.

Kalevi Kiviniemi's CDs can be purchased at the Fuga webshop